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The use of information technology and communication technologies (ICT) in healthcare, often referred to as ‘eHealth’, has now become an essential part of modern nursing practice and is considered by all four countries in the U.K. as an approach to improving healthcare (BAIN 2012). Evidence suggests this has led to improved patient safety and healthcare experiences and better work life experiences for healthcare professionals (The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) 2011). The World Health Organisation (2016) defines eHealth as the application of ICT in healthcare to, for example, care for patients, aid research, track disease progression and monitor public health. eHealth, through using ICT systems in healthcare, also concerns the promotion, empowerment and facilitation of health and wellbeing with individuals and families in their communities (RCN 2017).

While many terms relating to eHealth and the use of digital technologies exist (BAIN 2012), telehealth will be adopted for this paper. Telehealth is the provision of long-distance clinical healthcare services using a range of technologies. Unlike telemedicine which refers specifically to remote clinical services, telehealth refers to non-clinical services such as continuing medical education, administrative meetings and provider training, in addition to
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This discussion will include multi-agency working within primary health care settings; the holistic management of healthcare needs across the lifespan; and the use of technology within contemporary approaches to health and primary care. This will be followed by an analysis of contemporary teaching and learning theories which are relevant to professional roles within health and primary care and lastly, the application of risk assessment frameworks in primary care will be
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