ICT In Language Teaching Essay

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These real examples demonstrate the quality of work that can be achieved through the use of the internet and other technology in the language classroom.
• The memory problem
• Preparation for ICT vocabulary work
• Autonomous ICT vocabulary work - the great motivator
• Uses of ICT in language teaching
• Conclusion

The memory problem
As any teacher knows, any new topic starts with a large or small number of new words, which students are supposed to learn, to be able to understand the theme and to talk or/and write about it themselves. Any teacher also knows that it is next to impossible to make students learn all the necessary words: at best, they will learn them by heart mechanically, parrot them back at us or write some test, and then probably forget the
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I also told them the main usage of ICT at our lessons of English that I use, which have already become a standard part of our school curriculum.

Uses of ICT in language teaching
• The regular lesson
It is possible to hold a regular lesson in a computer class with internet access. A teacher may download the necessary material beforehand, and have students work through it, helping out when needed. There are many sites that provide learning materials on the internet.
• Using the net as a research resource
We decide to search the Web for some data. Every student gets an address, or a name, or some words, which they find through a search engine. They take notes while working, so that next day, we can have feedback.

Such lessons are extremely motivational, since the students enjoy using the Web, and they have an additional motivation because they know that they have to report to their peers during the next lesson.
• Web site
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