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Pakistan’s GDP stands at 269.97 billion USD with major contribution of 52.7% by Service sector which is major contributor to its economic growth. Information & Communication Technology (ICT) among other service sectors has proved to be the fastest growing industries in past few decades globally by directly creating millions of jobs and by enabling innovation and development in other sectors with its integration. Pakistan among other developing countries in the region has witnessed reasonable growth due to ICT industry and it is continuously on the up side due to ease in the transfer of technology and knowledge that has maximized the benefits on these economies. As per industry sources around 1500 IT related companies are established
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However, we have also witnessed lowest growth in fixed-broadband internet penetration among other Asian countries which limits various businesses in Pakistan to compete in the global environment. E-commerce among other IT sectors is on the rise in Pakistan but e-governance is lagging and digitization of government documents may provide an opportunity for growth through improve public accountability and public participation. Among various strengths and opportunities within ICT industry in Pakistan there are some challenges which include rural-urban digital divide which further skews adaptability in different income classes, security situation which may affect spending in ICT among other businesses. This report will focus primarily on investigating ICT contribution to Pakistan’s economy; we would initially go through the introduction of the ICT industry and a global perspective to understand how ICT sector brought economic changes in developed and developing world and what policies have enhanced its benefits to those economies. Next we would be focussing ICT in Pakistani context and its development so far with various policies and initiative that have enhanced its impact and recommendations that might increase its impact in various economic…show more content…
When these mediums were in isolation to each other we have seen that information and knowledge were not available readily to everyone. With the advent of PC (Personal Computers) and later development of linkage between PCs through Internet had allowed us to enter into Third Industrial Revolution of technologies where we have seen complete shift of how people communicate, learn, do business, socialize from past. It is worth noting that previous Industrial Revolutions took decades and only involve Western Europe and its off-shoots to get the benefits, but ICT revolution is truly global.

Information and Communication Technology is playing special role in growth and development in current time as we observe it in our current economic environment than before. This is particularly due to continuing and rapid innovation in ICT sector which make it attractive sector for growth reasons like the development of automobile and other manufacturing industries after World War II. ICT is particularly attractive for economic growth of countries like Pakistan as it provides comparative advantage by bringing benefits and its characteristics to other sectors as

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