ICT In The Hospitality Industry

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High cost of the technology has become one of the main restrictors to the hospitality industry both hotels and restaurants stragglers in the adaptation of new technology. Most of the ICT hardware and software is expensive to purchase and maintain and may cause a number of problems to the organizations. This is due to the reason that ICT system usually requires involvement of specialist staff to run it in an organization. In addition, it was also a challenge of keeping up with ever-charging technology. All those extra costs may cause the hotel industry lose extra money in maintaining the organization’s productivity. On the other hand, smaller companies are probably will not able to afford and manage to pay for the high cost to invest in the…show more content…
Managers need to take more proactive role to initiate the practice of available technology solution. It is also an obligation to inspire hospitality organizations to make continuous investments to enhance their technological competence. In addition, managers require facing challenge to across a broad range of hospitality businesses in facilitate continued support of hotels’ leadership team towards IT investments. The wide range application of ICT in hotel industry is accelerating and these eventually pressurizing managers to rethink their ways to manage the organization. The role of the manager in hotel industry also has to be re-defined, evaluate and implement new technology in the property according to the changing expectations of guests and competitive environment. It was a challenge for the managers to produce desire result at minimum cost and incorporate technology-based systems with all departments in an organization in hotel industry. Therefore, there is negative implication of ICT to the managers in hotel…show more content…
The lag time between technology disbursements and reimbursement can be lengthy as technology investments pay dividends over time. On the other hand, employees in hotel industry may need to take some time to be proficiently use and adapt to the new technology invest in an organization. Furthermore, hotel industry need time to recognize the competitiveness potential of every new resource before start to implement it and this may change over time as some firms might be take longer time in implementing new ICT resources. Therefore, the ability to develop timely dynamic competences is crucial to leads to the improvement of competitive advantage thus shorten the response lag time is vital in hotel industry. As a result, the longer response lag time in the application of ICT consequently contribute to the negative impact in hotel

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