ICT (STEM) Education In Malaysia

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The Strengthening of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education in Malaysia is an effort by the Ministry of Education Malaysia to increase expertise in research and industry. Ministry of Education Malaysia inspiration and aspirations to strengthen STEM consolidation can be implemented with ICT. ICT is capable of being a comprehensive vehicle in comprehensive and inclusive teaching and facilitating Science. ICT-based science learning is a combination of principles and strategies between education and technology domains. The combination of these two domains is believed to enhance students ' interest in science and enhance student understanding. ICT has a high potential to drive learning process and broad thinking skills…show more content…
ICT has been introduced in various fields to strengthen the nation 's prestige in the international arena. Various efforts in the form of new policies have taken steps towards fully embracing ICT in the National education system. ICT has become one of the most valuable tools in the 21st century. In an effort to improve students ' achievement and interest in science, the 21st century learning is based on the explosion of digital information that is the cornerstone of a country 's success. Digital Literacy consists of three main components, namely information literacy, ICT skills, and media literacy (Samual Kai, Wah Chu, Reynolds, Tavares & Notaries, 2017). Mishra (2011) classifies ICT as the basic knowledge of 21st century learning. This shows that ICT knowledge has been inserted into the basic knowledge of the students who must be fully controlled. The seventh shift in Malaysia Education BluePrint recommends that teachers utilize ICT to improve the quality of learning in Malaysia (KPM, 2013). It is clear that the ICT industry has proven to be the backbone of the development of a country including Malaysia (Abdul…show more content…
The Ministry of Education (2015) also makes information, media and technology skills as one of the skills required in learning the 21st century. However, the Ministry of Education Malaysia still considers the main challenge of learning the 21st century is the ability of teachers to apply and adapt various technologies and information resources to implement effective and quality teaching and facilitating are relevant to current developments (KPM, 2015). The UNESCO 2012 study reports that ICT usage has not shifted beyond the use of word processing (KPM, 2013: E-21). There are countries that have taken proactive steps to change this situation. Countries like Finland (Finland 's Ministry of Education and Culture, 2014) have their own road map and Canada (Canada, 2000) has a frame work for their Science teaching and learning to further uphold the mastery of science in their respective countries. The purpose of this road map and frame work is to promote science and technology information in a continuous research process. Although the Education Technology Department has established Smart School in 2005 in Malaysia, aimed at preserving ICT, the achievement of Science cannot be improved and road map or frame work is rarely discussed. Thus, researchers are keen to explore the elements that form the basis of a suitable Guide Framework that all educators can follow so that the aspirations of the nation to achieve par excellence levels

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