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ICU Hospital Reflection Jasmine Wymore West Coast University ICU Hospital Reflection ICU is a sensitive environment in a hospital setting. The patient safety and care are given the priorities in ICU. For this reason, the ICU management requires vital attention in executing efficient services to rescue and improve patient health. The advancement in technology has improved the field of medicine. Doctors, nurses, and technicians are the beneficiaries of the technology advancement. This paper reviews the reflection of the ICU hospital services based on the video clip description. The ICU hospital services have been improved in different sectors due to the dynamic technology. The improvement has provided benefits to both the patients…show more content…
For instance, consumer teleconference services link the vulnerable newborns in the neonatal ICU to their respective families. This technology allows the parents to keep track of the progress of their patients in the ICU. Also, the time-saving sensors in the ICU alert the clinicians as well as the nurses to perform critical tasks to the patients on time. For example, in previous technology, the nurse would be required to monitor the bed angle required for the patient manually. This would require a frequent visit to the patient area to check on the angle of the bed to ensure proper positioning for the patient to promote comfort. However, with the use of new technology, the nurse can monitor the patient and all conditions away from the patient room. A sensor detects any adjustments and notifies the…show more content…
Technology is a self-perpetuating as well as a seductive force that requires specialist care by those who use it. For example, the configuration of the devices that are directly linked to the patient may be risky to the nurses especially if the technology is advanced. Consequently, the entire critical care team requires frequent training and capacity building. Some devices which are introduced may not be efficient enough to provide patient safety. This puts the nurses at the risk of mishandling the patients, if the new devices fail to

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