ICU Nurse Burnout

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Nursing burn out is at an all-time high. Hospitals are adding more and more to what nurses do on a daily basis and nurse to patient ratio is forever changing. In Jill’s situation, she was a very happy nurse placed in a horrible situation. ICU nursing is not the easiest, and Jill definitely got the bad deal of the deck with she started working on the ICU floor. Nurses and physicians were overwhelmed and burn out, setting a very stressful atmosphere for everyone including Jill, making it hard for Jill to be happy in the decision she made to become and ICU nurse. Nurses working in an ICU setting for several years tend to get burn out from all the stress. This is called “burn out syndrome” (American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care…show more content…
This type of stress could also cause Jill to never want to advance in her career again or even quit her job and become very bitter toward the nursing profession all together. Since Jill is a determined nurse, she will instead decide to discuss with her nursing manager about creating a program for nurses who want to transfer to ICU. Jill can implement classes nurses can take before transitioning into the ICU setting, so that all nurses have a well-rounded foundation of what the ICU setting will be about and what is expected of and ICU nurse. She can also implement nurse to patient ratio changes for the ICU department to help prevent ICU nurses from getting burn out so quickly. When Jill presents her suggestions to the hospital administrator, she will be sure her implementations include the entire healthcare team, consider patients and their values, and will not be bias toward any additional suggestions someone else may have. Jill will take safe and proper legal steps in implementing changes within the hospital, and make sure it is focused on patient centered

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