ICU Nurse Case Study

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1. What do you believe are the underlying causes of the ICU nurses’ treatment of Jill?
Since Jill came from a small hospital where she worked on the medical surgical (m/s) floor, where the nurses care for adult patients whom have a variety of stable medical conditions. Whereas, the Intensive care unit (ICU) nurses care for patients who are critically ill and have life threatening conditions. Jill has gone from an expert nurse on the m/s floor to a novice ICU nurse. A reason that the ICU nurses may be treating Jill so terrible could be that they do not have the time to explain and teach Jill the ins and outs of the ICU, considering their patients are in very critical conditions and time is essentially important. Another reason may be that Jill was too
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To prepare Jill for the ICU outside of the hospital setting, she could take extra credits regarding ICU care. Jill could also read up on procedures, and daily ICU routines so she could be familiar with the processes and supplies needed. These additional resources would help Jill learn what is to be expected in the ICU.
3. What are the possible implications in Jill’s delivery of care that could arise because of the treatment that she is experiencing?
Since Jill is being treated in a demeaning manor, to a point where she feels that everyone wants her to fail, it will greatly impact her care. She is not confident in her care to begin with, due to her uncertainties and having to ask questions without getting helpful or informative responses. Since her mind and confidence are not one hundred percent there with her patients, she may miss important signs and symptoms of a patients deteriorating condition. Loosing patients will only add to Jill’s remorse about being a novice ICU nurse and leaving her m/s
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