IDIC Model Case Study

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IDIC model suggests that an organization should take 4 actions to build a closer relationship with customers. Firstly, identify. Indicate who are your customer and recognize your customer when communicate with. You have to know this customer who on phone with you is customer that went to the store yesterday. You can only have relationship with an individual not groups of people. To develop a thorough understanding, you have to obtain customer information and contacts. It is important to update and validate customer info and contacts because will no longer valid through time. You cannot understand what your customer needs without identification.

Next, differentiate your customer. Allow company to devise and execute customer differentiation
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Having an interaction with customers will show them you care about what they thinks or needs, so they will feel appreciated. The purpose of interaction is to get more information directly from your customers so you can serve your customers in a way that no a competitor can. By reason of, the competitor does not have the information of customers. Customer who are effective provide better perception into customer’s needs. Therefore, listen to the needs of your customers.

Ultimately, customize for customers. Which means tailor your services and mass customization product to assure the expectation of your customers are met. Based on an individual needs and value, an organization are able to make improvement or adapt on some element of it’s behaviour. Thus, to get customers in relationship with you, an organization should alter it’s behaviour to fulfill the needs of customer. In addition,through continuously interaction with customers and observe their habits and selection, they get to know what they want and need.

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Interact which means to deal with customer in a manner way and solves problem and customer issues. Public Bank consolidate the effort by all levels of staff to understand customer’s need well and exceeding their expectation. Public Bank have a programme in every branches that allows them to know customers’ needs and expectations. Public Bank knows to serve their customers way better than the competitors through interaction. Interact with customers can make them feel respected.

Lastly, Public Bank customize the products and improve the services through the feedback they have obtained from customers. Public bank have being creative in the development of new product or services to offer customer with easy access to banking service for customers’ convenience. Such as, online banking, E-statement, InterBank and Instant transfer and more. Through develop new product and services, Public Bank have met the expectations of the customers. To get customer retention, Public Bank understand what customer dissatisfied and improve it to met the customer’s
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