Special Education Needs: A Case Study

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This IE Program for Special Education Needs (SEN) is one of effort for student in mainstream education and ensure the rights for all children are equal without any discrimination in the mainstream education system. This inclusive education (IE) also introduce together with provision for children with learning difficulties. This is because, Special Education Department (2012) mentioned IE is the basic in the realization of the Education for All (EFA) where have various abilities, have an equal right of access the quality education in all school, share and collaborate with many of expert educational in order to provide services for special need education as outline in International Declaration which are Salamanca Statement (1994), Dakar World…show more content…
Besides, IE Program is give awareness to people in term of did not simply ignore the potential of special need student and believe disabilities may reduce by giving them equal opportunities in mainstream schools. This program also same like Vygotsky theory which Scaffolding where children socialize with other peers without any of discrimination and it will develop many of skills, abilities and knowledge (Fogarty, 1999 cited in Blake and Pope, 2008). Other than that, Brain and Mukherji (2005) mentioned thinking and problem solving will be occur through interaction because it will involve development of child in all…show more content…
Before implementation of IE, Integrated Education Program is used since 1962 where it is focus on in learning difficulties and special need children (Tambi Adam, 1997). The advantages of IE is through the consciousness of people surrounding in helping special needs children to support child development to become better person without any of discrimination. Based on Muhammad and Wan Mahmud (2012), children who involve in IE program have showed some improvement in term of personality and also academic achievement such as high self-esteem and confident level. There are also advantages to special need children and also learning difficulties where it is already show that they have high motivation in compete with normal children in mainstream school. In addition Lee (2010) mentioned, the IE program also used in many countries such as Denmark, Malta and also Europe. Denmark use IE as a principle approach to education and in general while Malta used IE as a meaning of learners and being about the placement of learner with disabilities into mainstream school (Debono et al., 2007; Essi and Väyrynen, 2013) Besides, Europe also used IE as a response to disciplinary exclusion when barrier to presence, participation and achievement are identified and overcome (Essi and Väyrynen, 2013). However, European Agency (2014) mentioned those who are implement IE must be recognised about the full range such as

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