IKEA Case Study: Donation For Sponsorship

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HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Community College English for business (CC 88-766-22-11) Lecturer: Jeanette Hamber ASSIGNMENT 1 Donation For Sponsorship Portfolio Group Members: 10590194 Liao Yuen Shan, Shani 10589665 Sin Ho Yan, Brian 10561122 Tsang Yin Lam, Minnie 10560827 Tse Choi Kam, Queenie 10589531 Yeung Yu Hei, Allen Part 1: Group Project Planning Class: CC 88-766-22-11 Our Group Member: Liao Yuen Shan (Shani) Tsang Yin Lam Minnie (Minnie) Tse Choi Kam (Queenie) Yeung Yu Hei (Allen) Group Leader: Sin Ho Yan (Brian) Option C: Target organization: IKEA Assignment Objective To plan for a comprehensive communication to IKEA so that we are available to get the sponsorship of the facilities for the event. Part 2: Detailed Planning for Persuasive Communication Background The IKEA is the transnational furniture retail business. The prospect of IKEA is to provide the low-priced and functional products to the customers. Therefore, it attracts many customers to buy its products. The company operates in 46 countries all over the world, while it is the largest furniture retailer in the world nowadays. There are three stores in Hong Kong which located in Causeway Bay, Kowloon Bay and Sha Tin separately. IKEA focuses to sell ready-to-assemble furniture and home accessories as their main products. There are also the traditional Swedish restaurant and market located at the exit of the shop. Additionally, it provides the one-stop
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