IKEA: Strategic Management And Change Management In The Contemporary World

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In the contemporary world, the management of strategy and the changes associated with it are among the most fundamental aspects that can ensure the success of a company. This is especially the case where the company involved has operations on a global scale because a strong management strategy is what helps it achieve its aims and objectives. One of the most successful companies in the world of business today as a result of having an effective management strategy is IKEA, the furniture manufacturing company. IKEA was founded in Sweden and has spread its reach to some thirty eight countries and has over three hundred stores worldwide. The ability of this company to not only have a highly effective management strategy has made it possible for its success in every country that it has expanded to. It has become among the most recognisable brands in the contemporary world because it ensures that its services are satisfied while at the same time being sensitive to issues that the rest of society takes seriously. The ability of its management to walk a fine line between ensuring that it makes a profit and also promotes an effective social strategy is one of the reasons why this company has been able to retain its status as a leader in its industry. This paper aims at developing an understanding of how strategic management and change management have been influential in making sure that IKEA achieves its objectives on a global scale and become among the significant

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