ISLCC Standards

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An administrator’s job is becoming more complex each year with all the new demands and expectations that are put on the administrators, teachers and students. As a responsible leader, the principal should engage in professional practice by ensuring that he/she is familiar and practices the ISLCC Standards. The administrator must ensure that everyone will work together as a team to promote positive change concerning all the ISLCC Standards. ISLLC standard 6, states the school administrator must understand, respond to, and influence the larger political, social, economic, legal, and cultural context. According to ELCC 5.3 & ELCC 5.4 the leader should safeguard values of democracy, equity, and diversity; and promote social justice within the …show more content…

ELCC 5.1 states that leaders act with integrity and fairness to ensure the success for all students; therefore, as an educational leader I will have to practice demonstrating principles of integrity and fairness, and know the federal, state, and local policies, guidelines and procedures. I will have to plan, implement, and evaluate policies and procedures within the school in order to support the student’s success. Data is an easy way to assess student learning, and to ensure teachers are following the policies and procedures that are in place through the federal and state guidelines. As a leader, I will need to improve on my knowledge of the laws that are in place (which are is also stated in ISLCC standard 6), and research the best ways to assess my teachers and students according to these …show more content…

In today’s education world, children are coming to our schools with different family, racial, ethnic, and religious upbringings; therefore, as an educational leader I will have to demonstrate an appreciation to all the diversity within our school community. I will have to plan and develop policies and procedures that support our diverse family. As a leader, I will have to research the different cultures that will exist within my school in order to treat everyone fairly, equitably, and with dignity and respect. According to ISLCC standard 6 the administrator should ensure the environment in which schools operate is influenced on behalf of students and their families. As a leader, he/she should know how to communicate with the decision makers as well as with the families of the students, and his/her faculty and staff. With the growing diversity of students within our school and community, as an educational leader I will need to be able to understand the relationship between social justice, school culture, and the community. I will determine what opportunities are available within our community, discuss with the stakeholders our beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes that will shape and influence the way our school will be run. I will have to learn how to recognize the differences of

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