IT Governance Scenario

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and business alignment, and IT investment and prioritization decisions provide the appropriate funding levels that communicate to the entire firm the specific importance various projects have in helping to achieve the organizations objectives.
Thereby, we forage our definition to IT governance as following “IT Governance is a system of decision-making and accountability over three level of organization; strategic level (leadership), management level (organization structure) and operation level (process), as well as overseeing of delivery and operations that ensure to lead an effective performance in achieving desired outcomes and satisfaction of stakeholders”.

3. Representation Landscape solution for the IT governance
In recent years many
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ITG Landscape Aspect in detail.
We propose ‘ITG Landscape’ which is a decision-making instrument for IT governance’ for organizations (as shown in Fig.2, stating approached how the decision-making be made and what role and responsibilities of each level of organization and the process of sorting decisions and assigning them to particular levels of government. ‘ITG Landscape’ reflects the pattern of authority and responsibility for organizing to the key IT functions in an organization.

Forming an IT governance decision require a committee consisting of boards and executives from all internal business units. IT governance is the responsibility of the board and executive management as an integral part of overall enterprise governance. Governance reflects the leadership and organizational structures and processes that ensure IT sustains and extends the organization’s strategies and objectives. This approach, while not specifically mandating board-level control of IT, highlights the importance of integrating IT management and direction with the rest of the
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The IT governance process can take on various forms within different companies, depending upon whether IT management is a centralized organization, decentralized, or a hybrid of both within the corporate entity.
The ‘ITG Landscape’ reflects the reality that IT governance involves all levels of activities in a company. The ‘ITG Landscape’ covers three well known levels of management – ‘Strategic’, ‘Tactical’ and ‘Operational’. The three levels are not clearly delineated – actually they do overlap in most cases. This is normal, and reflects reality. Across these three levels, two directions of distinctive ‘action’. These actions are: 1- ‘Direct or top-down’ and 2- ‘Control or Bottom up’, ‘ITG Landscape’ as shown in Fig 2 and Fig 3.

a) ‘Top down’- a component that clearly directs activities, in the sense that it must be very clearly specified, through a series of strategic direction, what must be done. This is indicate by the arrow on the left hand side pointing

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