ITGS Case Study Essay

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ITGS case study question Bank for May 2015 ITGS HL P3 Q1. Define the term big data. Q2. Define the term data visualization. Q3. Define the term EPOS. Q4. Analyze how stock management will improve after using SUSA services. Q5. Discuss the issues with the new system related to customer. Q6. To what extent use of SUSA is going to help ASI manager to compete with other super market. Q7. Define the term Database program. Q8. Analyze the usage of Stock Management Q9. Define the term stock-management Q10.Discuss the effects of lack of efficiency in stock management Q11. What is the advantage of using (JIT/Just-in-time) in the area of stock-management? Q12. What are the reasons for current system/Stock management to be inadequate? Q13. Is…show more content…
Where does Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) take place in the field of stock and customer data/proposed integrated ASI information system? Q15.What ASI stands for? Q16.What EPOS stands for Q17.What are the methods to order stock from the suppliers? Q18. Define the term targeted Marketing Q19. Define the term Forecasting Q20. Analyse the usage of data analysis towards the operational aspect of the supermarket Q21. Discuss disadvantages of using a third party to analyze data records of the supermarket Q22. To what extent is it ethical to collect customer’s data and pattern trends for the benefit of the supermarket business Q23. Discuss the best possible solutions to analyze data from customer’s purchases. ( Q24. Outline on the problems ASI is having. Q25. Identify methods used to order stock from the suppliers Q26. How will the ASI Loyalty card will reward customers? Q27. Discuss how loyalty card will maintain and improve supermarket customers in a long term Q28. Analyze how the supermarket determine that customers are satisfactorily rewarded whether its altruistically, or financially Q29. Evaluate the benefit and limitation of ASI Loyalty card schemes on both customers and the supermarket Q30 What does RDBMS stand
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