ITPP111 Procedural Programming Assignment

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ITPP111- Procedural Programming Assignment.
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Question 1
1.1. Computers store data of all sorts in a binary number format. In the binary system all numbers are made up of 1’s and 0,s. Data type can be text or numbers. Other data types such as sound and pictures are not discussed here.
The computer divides data into small pieces called bits. Eight bits make up a single Byte. Each of the bits is either a 1 or a 0. For example 11010101 would be an 8 bit binary number stored in one byte. This number would represent the number 213 in the decimal system.
Characters, including letters of the alphabet and punctuation marks, are first converted into a numeric code and then like numbers they are converted to binary numbers. In this way all data is in binary format.
Various coding systems have been developed to represent non-numeral characters. The most commonly known are ASCII (American Standards Code for Information Interchange) and Uni-Code. Unicode is an extended character system that is compatible with ASCII and is becoming the standard for the computer industry. It was developed to cater for the fact that ASCII is limited to 256 characters based on the English language. (Gaddis, 2016)
Computers store data in various storage devices such as magnetic drives, optical and electrical solid state drives.
The following describes the conversion form digital to binary and vice-versa. (Mark Prather, n.d.)
1.2. The

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