IVF Treatment

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IVF Treatment – Understanding it one step at a time IVF treatment is a term that often generates mixed reactions and a lot of this is to do with understanding what it actually means. Many people get excited about it, although at times for some people it is a nerve wracking experience. Hence it is always a good idea to get familiar with all aspects of the IVF Treatment prior actually going through with it. IVF Treatment is usually not the first option sought by most of the people, on the contrary usually all other options are taken into consideration first and if all else fails then the IVF treatment is taken into consideration. On the other hand there are several cases when an IVF Treatment is the first option that is taken into consideration, like: • When an Egg donor is being used • Severe cases of male infertility • Woman’s fallopian tubes are blocked The purpose of this…show more content…
The medication prior to this not the start but simply the preparation. This will include some blood work and L even an ultrasound. The doctor will check for the estrogen levels, specifically the E2 levels. This is a test commonly run to make sure that the ovaries are in a “sleeping” state as is intended. The purpose of the ultrasound is to check the size of the ovaries and to confirm the absence of ovarian cysts. In the case where there are cysts the IVF Treatment is delayed allowing for the doctor to perform his treatment. Step3: Ovarian Stimulation and Monitoring process Once the results of the tests are in and both the blood work and the ultrasound look normal the doctor will go ahead with the next step which is ovarian stimulation. This is done via fertility drugs and as per the treatment protocol. The exact time for this depends on a number of factors. The doctor will continuously monitor the growth and development at this stage which also includes blood work and ultrasounds. Step4: Oocyte
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