Iago As A Manipulative Liar In Shakespeare's Othello

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In the play othello the character Iago is a manipulative liar that uses people to get money and revenge. Throughout the play Iago demonstrates multiple characteristics such as jealousy, Cunning, Coward, and Vengeful. Iago’s characteristics affect others because His want for vengeance makes him manipulate them and cause them to do things that can ruin their lives. In the beginning of the play Iago demonstrates a vengeful trait. The play begins with him talking to another character about how unfair it was for him not to get the lieutenant job, He then wants revenge from Othello.He accuses othello for sleeping with his wife “I hate the moor, it is thought abroad that ‘twixt my sheets/he has done my office-”(I.iii.329-370). Then he goes on insisting his lust for Desdemona because he wants to get revenge from othello “Wife for wife”(II.i.286). These false claims indicate that he doesn't really care about who he hurts, he just wants revenge no matter who it is, which makes him dangerous. Even though these are false claims…show more content…
Iago’s plan to manipulate Othello into making him believe Desdemona is cheating on him works,which leads to deadly results. Iago was a coward because he was scared that Cassio would call Iago out of his schemes, so he manipulates Roderigo to have him kill Cassio “He hath a daily beauty in his life that makes me ugly;and besides, the Moor May unfold me to him: there stand I in such peril:No, he must die,But so: I hear him Coming”(V.i.20-22). Iago yet continues to play dumb as if he doesn't know what is happening with Cassio and Roderigo, But then Iago kills Roderigo because he fears he will also tell others about him “O,damn’d Iago O inhuman dog!”(V.i.74) this made Roderigo to realize who Iago really is. Then Iago’s cowardliness became even more clear when he killed his wife (V.ii.231-242), this not only brings out his cowardliness but also his hatred for
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