Iago Corruption In Othello

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In Shakespeare 's Othello, Iago’s sinister acts of lying and killing deceive the people around him. Iago motives are maintaining good reputation and ruining othello. How Iago deceives others shows the theme that people’s words have an effect on others thoughts and actions
Iago will do anything in his power to keep a spotless reputation and to ruin Othello entirely. He wants to keep his good reputation so he can get money and power out of it. Iago thinks to himself, “Now whether he kills cassio or cassio him or each do kill the other / every way makes me gain” ( Shakespeare 5.1.12-15). Iago believes that as long as either Rodriego or Cassio dies he will come out the good guy. Iago wants to be the good guy so he looks like a hero. Being the hero
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Some of Iago 's baleful acts included lying and murder. Iago isn 't truthful to anyone throughout the play. He also kills rodrigo and his wife, emilia. The biggest lie iago told othello was, “that in their sleeps will mutter their affairs / one of this find is cassio / in sleep i heard him say sweet desdemona / let us be wary let us hide our loves” (Shakespeare 3.3.438-420). Iago tells othello that in cassio 's sleep accidently muttered what he would say to desdemona when they were alone together. Iago tells this lie knowing it will send othello into a fit of rage. This would be the last straw for othello. That is what iago wants, he wants othello to ruin his marriage by himself. Iago gets into othello 's thoughts causing him to overthinking everything. Iago aslo yells “oh murd’rous slave! O villain (Shakespeare 5.1.62), right before stabbing roderigo and killing him. Iago tells this to make it seem like he 's the hero for killing rodrigo because rodrigo wounded cassio. This is sinister because rodrigo and go planned to kill cassio but then iago beytrade rodrigo, killing him. Killing rodrigo was a plot to make iago 's reputation better. Iago is now seen as a hero for killing the person who attempted to murder the honorable cassio. The people of cyprus would never know that iago planned this completely for his own gain. Iago is now manipulating everyone in cyprus that he 's a hero who…show more content…
In othello a main theme shown is that people 's words can affect others thoughts and action. This is shown through iago and othello. Iago plants seeds of suspicion that desdemona is cheating on othello with cassio. Iago says comments such as, “if you are so found over her iniquity, give her / patent to offend, for if it tuch not you, it comes near / nobody Shakespeare 4.1.198-201), and other remarks about desdemona 's infidelity. Iago has no proof that desdemona is cheating but because of his persuasive words and honest reputation othello believes him. Iago starts to mess with othello 's thoughts. Soon othello starts thinking and eventually planning his wife 's murder.Othello says to desdemona while trying to strangle her, Out, strumpet weep’st thou for him to my face...it is too late (Shakespeare 5.276-83). Othello is telling desdemona it 's too late to apologize for her cheating, no amount of tears will fix what she did. Othello has no evidence for believing desdemona slept with cassio. Iago 's acts of lying and murder manutplated othello 's thoughts into thinking the love of his life turned into a monster. Becausiago had a clean reputation no one expected him to lie, making his word seem like the truth. Iago 's words tricked othello into his downfall which involved killing his love and then himself. This shows the theme that words can influence others
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