Iago Is To Blame In Othello's Persuasion

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If you are using a persuasion technique, and something bad happens as a result of your persuasion technique, you are primarily responsible for what happened. Iago suggested to Othello that Desdemona was cheating on him which made him paranoid which caused his downfall, he convinced Cassio to get drunk which made him lose his position of lieutenant, he convinced Roderigo to kill Cassio by using Roderigo’s love of Desdemona against him, and Iago riles up Brabantio by using his prejudice to his advantage by telling him that Desdemona married Othello which leaves him with a broken heart which eventually kills him. This is why the events of the play can be attributed to Iago. One reason why the tragedy can be blamed on Iago is due to the fact …show more content…

Iago takes advantage of Roderigo’s wealth, gullibility, and love for Desdemona. When Roderigo is feeling depressed about not being with Desdemona, Iago tells him “thou shalt enjoy her. Therefore make money” (I, ii, 354-355). Iago promises Roderigo that he will help him be with Desdemona. He also uses Roderigo’s wealth to his advantage by telling him to use his own money. Iago manipulates Roderigo when he is about to quit into staying by telling him “If thou the next night following enjoy not Desdemona, take me from this world with treachery and devise engines for my life.” (IV, ii, 221-223). Iago tells Roderigo what he wants to hear in order to prevent him from leaving. Just as Roderigo is leaving Iago’s grasp, he is pulled back in. Iago convinces Roderigo that they need to kill Casio. He tells him “wherein none can be so determinate as the removing of Cassio” (IV, ii, 231-232). Roderigo and Iago tried to kill Cassio but Cassio killed Roderigo. Roderigo yelled “Oh, I am slain” (V, I, 27). Iago abandons Roderigo and later come back and he pretends he never met Roderigo before. He stabbed Roderigo and yelled “O Murd’rous slave! O villain” (V. i. 63). Iago literally stabbed Roderigo to death. If Iago didn’t come up with the plan to kill Cassio or if he let Roderigo leave, Roderigo would have

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