Iago's Soliloquies In Othello

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Iago is a villain's villain. He uses people but in a way that makes them feel he cares. He is almost as cunning as the Joker in Batman. Being the ensign of Othello, Iago displays several different types of jealousy towards Othello. There are ten soliloquies that Iago does throughout the play, this is to show how arrogant and driven he is to destroy Othello all because of his jealousy. The soliloquies are performed as though you can hear the characters inner thoughts, this is to help show how dramatic the character really is and to help build up the play with suspense. Iago is the epitome of jealousy, envy, and hatred. ¨The Moor is of free and open nature, that thinks men honest that but seem to be so, and will as tenderly be led by the nose as asses are.¨ (Bevington, D. 2014). In Act 1 scene 3 lines 400-403, Iago talks about how innocent and basically nieve Othello is and how easily he will lead him to his destruction (Bevington, D. 2014). This soliloquy starts after Roderigo leaves and it is lines 384-405 and Iago start to tell how the rumor about Othello laying with his wife fuels his jealousy. Iago shows how he is only using Roderigo as a stepping stone (Bevington, D. 2014). He states how he will set up Cassio to help in his plan to ruin Othello (Othello. 2007). Iago feels that Cassio trust and likes him enough that the plan will be simple…show more content…
He is getting ready to set up Cassio (Bevington, D. 2014). This soliloquy is short but to the point, which means Iago is getting better at how to act out his plan. The plan is to get everyone drunk and cause a big fight (Othello. 2007). Iago uses alcohol here to fuel anger. Alcohol is known for causing trouble, and trouble is what Cassio is in for under Iago's care (Othello. 2007). Iago is showing more signs of being a vile human being and that the jealousy has consumed him if he will actually put someone in danger (Bevington, D.

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