Iago Manipulation In Othello

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In the eye of the audience Iago is a manipulative, deceptive and jealous character whose only plan is to retaliate against Othello. Iago is believed throughout the play to be a valiant confidante, but in fact he is the villain in the play, eventually resulting in the death of everyone surrounding Othello. His carefully planned actions ensures this scheme which is driven by his jealousy of Othello’s position. His deep rooted strategy reveals the true complexity of his character. He is depicted as a malicious villain who uses deception, and manipulation to account for his jealousy in order to create the demise of those who oppose his ideas. The catastrophe of the play would not have occurred if Iago had not carefully put in place his plan in retaliation of Othello. His ability to manipulate those closest to him provides the audience with a clear understanding of his personality.
Iago is a manipulative character that sparks the tragedy of the play. His manipulation causes Othello to become what he was referred to in the beginning of the play, an animal. Iago makes Othello believe that he is loyal, conscientious, and noble-minded. He pretends that he is on Othello’s side and will protect him and fight with him. This is made clear when Iago seems very anxious about the consequences of the brawl in Act II, Scene 3, which he caused. His facade of reluctance in Act III, Scene 3 is also immensely effective in gaining both Cassio and Othello’s trust. “Far from admiring

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