Iago: The Main Cause Of Downfall In Shakespeare's Othello

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In Shakespeare's Othello, Iago is the main cause of every downfall throughout the play. Not only did Iago tell fallacious statements, but also structured a reputation based on “honesty” and plain speaking. However, How can one be consistently honest over long periods of time? Moreover, Iago had risen through the army ranks by his achievements, which Othello has accepted him due to his great qualities. On the contrary, Iago has qualities of the devil, which can be connected to the Medieval and Renaissance age. Thus deciding to devote his life to loathe and revenge rather than walking away. Iago represents a spider web who tries to weave his web to “ensnare them all”. It’s implied that Shakespeare created the character, Iago,…show more content…
Iago uses manipulation to turn the moor into a murderer. The main reason for Iago's success was based on the social differences between the two. In that time interracial marriage between a black and white person was unacceptable, giving Iago the chance to enrage Brabantio. To begin with, Iago told Roderigo,” I will follow him to serve my turn upon him.” The quote means Iago's intentions are to mislead Othello by gaining his trust and turning him into a killer beast. Once Othello's trust is gain, Othello confides in Iago about Desdemona. By doing this Iago learns about his insecurities about his race and age gap between him and his wife. As he continued to stir up trouble with his fellow peers, he went to Othello to plant “ evidence” of Cassio infidelity. For instance, Cassio and Desdemona were having a friendly conversation, laughing and hugging, which iago went and twisted the story. However, once Othello heard the rumors he became devastated and demanded answers. Iago dodged giving direct answers when questioned on his accusations. Another example would be the handkerchief, instead of giving exact proof he went on telling Othello to watch Cassio for it. Therefore, iago will prey upon his jealous preoccupation with the handkerchief as a symbol of his control over
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