Iago: The Most Important Causes Of The Tragedy Of Othello

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Iago is the most significant cause of the tragedy. The downfall of Othello is brought about by Iago 's highly skills of manipulating others and his ability to understand and know other characters ' feelings than they know themselves. He contributed to the main theme of the play. He plays the role of a successful director of the disastrous events in the play because he can play number of parts in the play and is able to change his style and tone to conform any occasion.This is shown in his deal with Othello.He has tried to show brotherly love to Othello,which is the most damaging because the emotionally weak ;Othello needs such support when his beloved wife seems to him that she has betrayed him and ignored his passionate love.The ensign also makes his general believe of his nobility and loyalty in that he would like to kill any enemy threats him. Iago seems adept in that he can fool others into believing that he is honest. Othello and others in the play constantly refer to him as honest Iago.With Cassio he was friendly ,informal ,and he even gave him an advice when Othello revealed him from being his lieutenant. With Desdemona he used the same sympathetic way when she sought help form him to win back her lord and that is reflected in her speech" I will have my lord again" after he beats her. With Othello he acts as a loyal and faithful friend who is touched by the wrong of his friend and this honesty of Iago is confirmed by Othello in multiple lines in the play .For
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