Iago Vs Grendel Analysis

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Iago vs. Grendel In well written short stories, movies, and books, readers are always drawn to the villians or characters with the dark backstories, and sometimes may even root for them. This is no difference when it comes to Grendel in the epic story of Beowulf, and Iago in Shakespeare’s Othello. But between these two fictional characters, most readers can feel for one more than the other. Both Iago and Grendel are seen as evil, but readers can sympathize more with Grendel because of underlying issues, like not being able to form relationships, while Iago shows tendencies of someone who can easily be diagnosed as a psychopath.
In the story of Othello, there are many instances where readers can see what Iago has planned and watch it all unfold.
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From the very beginning of Othello, he was plotting and formulating every conversation and sabotage so it would execute perfectly. He lives his life for revenge and to get at people and bring them down, even people that he knows trust him. He has already formulated a plan and starts putting it into motion within the first three acts of the book (Zender and Omer). Iago is so invested in destroying people that he even takes notice to everyone’s weaknesses and uses them against the individual. This falls into the category of emotional shallowness and glibness, more psychopath…show more content…
Readers can learn some things about Grendel in Beowulf but in order to dive deeper into the character and who he is, people go to the book Grendel. The book takes a closer look at Grendel and how he discovers the order and disorder of people and the world (Sanchez). Grendel is thought to symbolize the dark side of humanity, or the sins of man (Farrell). It’s easy for readers to sympathize with Grendel at points because he is a natural outcast of society. He is said to be the son of Cain and because of that he was labeled from day one (Sanchez). It could be argued that he kills people who are at the hall because they are all having fun and socializing, but he isn’t able to do that so he punishes those who can. Readers see both sides of Grendel in his backstory because he is evil, but he is not evil for no reason, like
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