Iago's Emotions In Othello

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Othello was one of Shakespeare’s most famous play that during the 17th century was repeatedly play due to the diversity of race and controversial emotions. Moreover, is great example of how Shakespeare was able to impersonate the strength and weakness of humans. Othello is nonetheless an excellent illustration of emotions build his character throughout the story. As the story begins we see Othello is a well respected diplomatic who seems strong and modest. During act III, Iago’s poisonous feelings start to manipulate Othello actions, but is not until act IV that it completely takes over him and in epilogue V is when Othello loses all his senses of reasoning that makes him do an outrageous deed at the end of Othello.

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For example, when Lodovico express 435 “Is this the noble Moor whom our full Senate call all in all sufficient” to the eyes of the world Othello is not him anymore nor he will. Othello falls for Idago’s trick that the handkerchief he gave to Desdemona was in Cassio’s hand when this happens Othello’s world crumble into darkness and he no longer sees or hear the truth Desdemona tells him in their chambers 442 “I never did offend you in my life; never loved Cassio… I never gave him toke” but no matter how much Desdemona explains to Othello it was to late he had made up his mind and put to death. In the end, when Iago’s lies came to light by Emilia and Cassio Othello opened his eyes to reflect upon his terrible sin and at that moment the elegant and valiant protagonist came to his sense, but it was too late. Out of chivalry and bitter love he decides to kill himself to follow his sweet and beloved Desdemona. In conclusion, there might be many reasons why Othello behave in the story like an honorable men to a despicable human being, but we can take into account that the grudge Iago had against Othello, the loss of one of his trusted man Cassion and finally the fact that he “prove” that Desdemona was a whore it what makes Othello’s character is so malleable and easy to influence by a negative force that is what brought end to

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