Iago's Greed In Othello

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Greedy Iago Friends come in various ways,some are meant to teach lessons, others are there for life, and the rest want to see your downfall. Iago from the play, “Othello,” by William Shakespeare, betrays the bond of Othello’s friendship, poisoning Othello’s life and everyone else they encounter. And all for what? Status, Job Position, Pleasure? Iago, consumed by revenge and jealousy, inflicts evil upon his fellow neighbors. Iago’s revenge consumes him feeding off the source, his greed. Iago’s position within Othello’s army was a ancient. His revenge transpire from his knowledge of not being promoted to a higher position of lieutenant. When Iago discovers that Othello has passed him up for the lieutenant position giving it to Cassio a young soldier , their future turns out for the worst. In the first scene, Iago catches Desdemona sneaking off to her husband’s, Othello, house. Overcome by the transpired events Roderigo and Iago wakes up Desdemona’s father, acknowledging him about his daughter and her new…show more content…
Roderigo is the first character Iago befriends. Roderigo’s place within Iago’s plan is just financial. Iago makes Roderigo believe that, he can help Roderigo in persuading Desdemona to leave Othello for Roderigo. Once Roderigo completes his purpose within Iago’s plan, Iago kills him. The next person Iago gets close to is Cassio, Othello, and then Desdemona, Iago basically works his way up the ladder in order to make it to his top priority which is Othello. Throughout the whole play Iago uses everyone for his personal gain and once he sees that his cruel plan has been set in motion he ties to kill off everyone he has befriend. Iago picks certain important characters to be the puppets to his plan. He befriends them into thinking that he is nothing but an, “Honest Iago,” then slowly poisons them with lies. But why would any ever need to question the, “Honest
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