Iago's Manipulation In Othello

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In Shakespeare’s classical play, Othello, Iago manipulates the characters of power to obtain what he wants which is revenge. Iago uses several different methods to trick these characters to fall into his trap, these methods include using the characters weakness against them, and making himself appear different to gain the trust of the other characters. With these different methods he can exploit these characters and their flaws so the fall easily into his plan to obtain Cassio’s position as second in command, and ruin Othello for not giving him the position. Iago is a jealous man, and with this flaw he used his motivation to take down Othello and those who stand with him. To skillfully manipulate someone is to use their weaknesses and to use their emotions against them. Iago uses these methods with each character in order to effectively gain their trust and allows him to use them. Iago uses these techniques to perfection to achieve the power he craves. Iago was fueled by jealousy and used this as his motivation throughout the play. He got jealous of Othello for allegedly sleeping with his wife, and of Cassio who has taken the position that he wants. Iago can deceive the other characters because they trust him so easily. Trust is one emotion that can easily be turned and used as a weapon, and Iago does that with every character. I believe that the other characters trust Iago so easily because he already holds a position of power. As Othello’s third in command he is well

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