Iago's Power In Othello

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One form of power is discrimination power, Iago expresses this to Othello, announcing that he is a worthless animal “an old black ram” (1:1), racial slues are used as Iago’s emotions towards Othello are jealousy, envy and the desire for his power this is to show the hatred Iago has for Othello. As we know Iago is an impolite and manipulative character throughout the play he admits that he is dishonest “I will wear my heart upon his sleeve” (1:1). This is a metaphor as Iago will never be his true self and show his true emotions. Political power is used a lot in Othello in many different contexts. After a drunk night out with Roderigo, Cassio finds himself regretting his last night decisions “Oh, I have lost my reputation!” (2:3) tone is used
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