Iago And Othello's Relationship Analysis

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The best way to analyze Iago and Emilia’s relationship is too first look at each of the characters separately, and what Shakespeare chose to develop through their relationship. With Emilia, Shakespeare used the relationship to develop her loyal and trusting nature. By showing her listening to Iago (stealing the handkerchief (3.3.336-337)) and believe the best in him (when she thinks Iago feels guilty for Cassio (3.3.3-4), it demonstrates how much capacity she has to be loyal, but only when she believes it is deserved. Furthermore, by showing this capability, Shakespeare sets Emilia up for her death scene. After learning that Iago broke her trust, and is no longer deserving of her loyalty, she chooses to stand up for herself and Desdemona against Iago and Othello; showing her…show more content…
When Emilia makes her first appearance in the play, she is very quiet, she listens to Iago, and only speaks a few lines -- all a sentence or less, showing that Iago has control over most of her actions. This is also at a point when Iago has or will have basically every other character wrapped around his finger: Cassio gets drunk, Roderigo attacks Cassio, Othello begins to suspect Desdemona, etc.. But as the play continues, Emilia begins to speak for longer periods of time, voice more of her opinions, and stand up for herself towards Iago, until the very last act of the play when she defies Iago and speaks the truth about his misdeeds (5.2.227-230). Iago’s loss of control over Emilia parallels his loss of control over all the lies and acts he had put on towards the other characters. They finally find out that Iago was the cause of turmoil in Cyprus, and Emilia completely breaks from Iago’s control to defend Desdemona and ultimately name him the villain. Therefore, Iago completely loses control of both his wife, and of his entire plot against
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