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Tips for the Beginner Weight Trainer with Ian Dewson
Personal trainer and fitness expert Ian Dewson tells his clients that there are certain things they can do to increase the effectiveness and outcome of their weight training program. His tips have allowed many people in South Florida to boost their results and become toned or more muscled. The first item that Dewson points out to his clients is the importance of proper form. When lifting weights repetitively, especially the heaviest ones, using the right form is paramount. If your form is incorrect, you will end up with an injury. He says that learning the different exercises that are good for each muscle group is also crucial for weight training success.
Dewson has found through experience
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As a member of the grounds crew, he was tasked with the daily maintenance and turf management of the stadium. Before the Miami Hurricanes, Florida Marlins, or Miami Dolphins could play any games, he was one of the people handling the pre game and concourse setup.
6. Ian Dewson is a Major League Sports Fan
All of his life, Ian Dewson has had an affinity for sports. He likes to play various sports, like golf and baseball. He also likes to watch and attend many different sporting events. Some of his favorite teams are the New Jersey Devils ice hockey team, the San Francisco 49ers professional football team, and the Philadelphia Phillies professional baseball team. When he isn 't enjoying sports, he can be found at his local gym.
7. Ian Dewson Believes Family is Important
As a devoted husband and father, there is nothing in life more precious to Ian Dewson than his growing family. Ian married his wife Andria in the spring of 2010. Since that blissful day, they have added to their loving home a daughter, Corinne Elise and a son, Aaron Alexander. Dewson treasures his family and works hard to provide for them each day. They are truly his

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