Ian Mcewan's 'Only Love And Then Oblivion'

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We fall in love with life, the warmness of a mother’s hug, the red flower we have been given by our soul mate, the countless nights we spend with our best friends, the cuddles we give to our pets, and so many things that we cannot live without. Then how formidable it is when we are put in a situation of loss, losing someone that is the reason why many wake up everyday. It is always death, that people hate more than anything, especially when it takes someone from you so fast, and easily.

That is what an English novelist called Ian McEwan is trying to tell us by his short story “Only love and then oblivion”.
The story is about the 9/11 event of two towers collapsing with malign majesty which took place in 2001.
The event has extended everyone’s state of fevered astonishment. It was a massive tragedy to everyone watching
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What would we say? Now we know.”
He imagines himself being in their shoes, the ones who are gone, or the ones who are saying their last goodbye. He has been very successful in picking up stories that get everyone’s empathy “This is the nature of empathy, to think oneself into the minds of others. These are the mechanics of compassion”.
“However I suspect that in between times, when we are not consuming news, the majority of us are not meditating on recent foreign policy failures, or geopolitical strategy”
“lately many of us have inhabited the space between the terrible actuality and these daydreams. Walking before the dawn, going about our business during the day, we fantasize ourselves into the events. What if it was me?”
There are many who hear the news, but not feel anything towards it, because basically the did not lose anyone this time. So they do not know how to react but sending some condolences out to those who are in the heat of this
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