IB Chemistry Reflection

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In the 3rd quarter of IB Chemistry we finished the periodic trends topic and then began learning about chemical bonding and structure. Formative assessments have consisted of practice questions modeled after previous IB exam questions and experiments about single replacement reactions, properties of ionic and covalent compounds, modeling molecular compounds, and intermolecular forces. The summative assessments for the quarter were exams on the main topics of periodic trends and chemical bonding and structure. In the 4th quarter of IB Chemistry we will focus on organic chemistry.

Tanay started the year off as an SL chemistry student but made the switch to HL and I have been very impressed with his efforts and success. He is one of the few students who consistently completes all the formative practice questions during class and asks questions to help his understanding. Often his questions go further than the scope of the IB syllabus and this helps increase his
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She contributes greatly to our class discussions and makes sure she has correct understanding of the concepts. When given time in class to try practice questions she usually completes them during class and discusses her results with myself and other students. In our lab experiments she reads and follows the lab procedures and makes connections between the experiments and our classroom topics. She is also very responsible about completing the evaluation questions for the lab experiments and submitting her formative lab guides. For the periodic trends exam she demonstrated a strong understanding of complex periodic trends and was able to apply the trends to answer further questions. She did not do as well on the chemical bonding and structure exam but was proactive about speaking to me and requesting a retake which I believe will allow her to better show her

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