Ibis Hotel Case Study

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Ibis hotel uses many communication strategies that helps to support the work of the hotel and make it more efficient. The main of them provided below:
1.“Snuggling Bunnies” campaign Ibis hotel brand have received the prize at the 14th Worldwide Hospitality Awards ceremony for the Best Communication Campaign for its Snuggling Bunnies campaign. Ibis hotels created this campaign to boost brand recognition in UK hospitality market, as well as in Netherlands and Belgium. The hook was the new Sweet Bed by Ibis – designed for the guest’s comfort. Ibis Snuggling Bunnies’ launched June 2013, the video captures the bunnies as they looking for the comfiest place to sleep - the “Sweet Bed by Ibis”. In the video one by one the bunnies come to
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It allows users to find and book a hotel at the best price. Plus it includes a global positioning and search function on an interactive map. Application provides an access to customer’s account and even offline Trip Advisor notes and comments. In addition there is reservation reminder two days before guest’s stay. The significant growth in the latest-generation smartphones are helping to make the telephone an essential solution for booking a hotel room. Accor made investment to adapt a hotel's websites for mobile phones and to design free applications for booking a room (Ibis,…show more content…
The Sleep Art app captures movement and sounds from night’s sleep and converts this data into virtual brush strokes. The result is that when person awake, an unconscious activity during man’s sleep has been interpreted as a colorful work of art. Green shades in the picture signal a happy night’s sleep, whilst red and amber colors mean that person had a restless night. The art is saved in a virtual gallery so that users can compare each night’s sleep and share with their friends and family via email, Facebook or Twitter. (Accor Group, 2012).Thomas Dubaere, Senior Vice President Ibis Northern Europe said, "We have rigorously investigated what ultimate comfort means for our guests and invested in unique beds to change their sleep experience. The Sleep Art app is free and aims to bring a bit of entertainment to peoples' night's sleep wherever they nap and shows that Ibis can give the best sleep in the economy segment." (Anon, 2013)
5.The ibis Facebook page As powerful communication tools, social networks have become an effective component of the brands’ commitment. Ibis has adapted its social network strategy with content presented in the form of a dialogue between the three brands and their fans, they can access photo albums, videos and important news, promotions and exclusive viral campaigns, such as Sleep Art.
6.Ibis hotels official
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