Ic Act 3 Scene Analysis

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IOC ACTS 3 SCENES 1 Ferdinand has been made to take Caliban’s place as a slave. Little do we know about Ferdinand except of the fact that he is the heir to the throne of Naples. We are introduced to Ferdinand when he is shipwrecked on the island. The scene starts with Ferdinand carrying a log; he is seen toiling just for Miranda. He insists that it would have been an obnoxious task if it were not for Miranda. Miranda on the other hand had already been warned that she should not speak to Ferdinand or tell her name either. But later on in the scene she does talk to Ferdinand and also tells her name to him. Prospero being the absolute ruler has to oppose the romance between Miranda and Ferdinand though we already know that this is not what Prospero wants, in fact he already knew that they would fall in love with each another. Ferdinand keeps on working and then Miranda asks him to take a break, as his father will be away for few hours he refuses. This shows Miranda’s affection and love for Ferdinand. Ferdinand knows that his work is not easy but still he does it for the lady he loves, he tries to flirt with Miranda by saying "This my mean task would be as heavy to me, as odious, but The mistress which I serve, quickens what's dead, And makes my labours pleasures”. Ferdinand is also aware of the fact that Miranda loves him and can’t afford to watch him work so he says this for his love to make her feel fine, "But these sweet thoughts do even refresh my…show more content…
She has never seen another woman and does not know that she is beautiful. She has no understanding with men, other than her father and Caliban. Because of her loneliness, she does not know how to flirt with guys, and when Ferdinand tells her that he loves her, Miranda weeps. Their love scene is very sweet and affectionate. But is not over yet the theme of the play is not only love or admiration for beauty, there is something that is like the main theme and that is,
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