Ic9cs1 Task 2 Assignment

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ICC9K1 Personal cultural biases and differences that affect one’s teaching. - Competency 4 I am very careful to be respectful of the various cultures and differences among the students at my school, so this does not impact my teaching. I differentiate my instruction in order to accommodate the needs. I am in a school with students from a wide range of countries. In my grade level, we had students from Japan and Pakistan. ICC9K2 Importance of the teacher serving as a model for individuals with exceptional learning needs Competency 4 I believe it is very important to be a model for individuals with exceptional learning needs, because they need good examples and to be taught appropriate behavior. The majority of the students that I teach do not fall…show more content…
Competency 5 This year I had a student who was very intelligent but was having reading and writing difficulties. We were having difficulty getting the appropriate placement for him due to how intelligent he is. During a meeting on May 23, 2017 and in emails prior to this conference, I pushed to get him qualified for his one on one continual assistance from a teacher during his writing class time. He really needs the direct help to be able to complete assignments. ICC9S4 Conduct professional activities in compliance with applicable laws and policies Competency 3 I work very hard to follow all guidelines, laws and policies. In addition, I make sure that I implement the entire IEP. ICC9S5 Demonstrate commitment to developing the highest education and quality-of-life potential of individuals with exceptional learning needs - Competency 5 I have worked with the exceptional need students in my classes through one on one discussions, making sure they have access to computers and other technology to assist them in completing tasks, advocating for them in IEP meetings and other conferences along with many other strategies to assist these

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