Icarus Quotes Of Boldness

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“Several times he tried by bribery to stow away…” (6-7). In this quote, Daedalus is desperate to leave and is bold enough to attempt bribery to leave. Even though he is unsuccessful, without his boldness, he would likely be stuck on Crete for even longer if he didn’t try. “... King Minos kept strict watch over them…” (7-8). Due to Minos’s watch, Daedalus may be caught trying to escape. If he is caught from his bold actions, Daedalus will likely be punished and find himself in hot water. “... he does not control the air. I will try that way.” (12). Here, Daedalus decides to do something bold, something not done by any other person before: flight. From his boldness in his decision to attempt flight, Daedalus may find himself finally free if he successfully escapes.…show more content…
In this scene, Daedalus warns Icarus to fly at a medium height to avoid damage to his wings. However, Icarus might not know where a moderate height would be, which would mean there might be a high risk in this bold action. “...arrived safely in Sicily…” (90). In this quote, Daedalus is successful in his bold escape from King Minos. If Daedalus had not been daring, he would never been able to escape from Crete. “... joy of flight was gone and his victory over the air was bitter…” (89-90). Due to Icarus’s death, Daedalus’s bold action had turned disastrous. Consequently, it can be seen that a bold action should be avoided — or someone might just find themselves dead. “If Athene herself were to
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