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Not every marriage or relationship last forever. In many cases people, who are married, develop problems along the way that they are not dealing with properly. Having children complicates this further. Parents often make the mistake thinking that the children cannot sense the issues that stays under the surface unresolved. In the short story “Ice Break” that has been written by Astrid Blodgett in 2012 the reader observes a family, where especially the main character named Dawn notice the growing distance between the parents, and in an attempt to avoid being alone with her father she experiences two great losses.
The short story is not chronologically structured, as the story is one big flashback. It consists of two parts with the first part
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These issues are not described explicitly, but the main character’s thoughts and observations gives the reader in inkling. “Earlier, Dad had asked Mom to come. Mom said no. She always said no.”(p.2, ll.11-12).The fact that the parents also split the kids up between them instead of spending time together suggests to the reader that things are not so perfect in the home. The parents’ marital issues is also indicated by the oldest daughter Marla, who mentions Mr. and Mrs. Pichowsky, a married couple that “got a divorce last year and moved.”(p.4, l.89). Dawn knows about Mr. and Mrs. Pichowsky and the reader is introduced to her thoughts and fear of her parents getting a divorce, which prompts her to convince her younger sister, Janie to come along with them “To have one last visit with Dad.”(p.4, l.80). Similar to the problems between the mother and the father, the reader get the sense that Dawn’s relationship with her father is not the best, as it is evident that they have a difficult time connecting expressed by Dawn herself: “I didn’t want to be alone with Dad.(…)And he never knew what to talk about with me so it was uncomfortable(…).”(p. 4, l.90 &91-92). The structure of the short story adds to this theme because the reader gets suspicious of the tense relationship between daughter and father. Based…show more content…
The father, despite his problems with the mother and the daughter, selflessly does everything he can to save his children, which emphasizes that the love in the family is strong and continuous in spite of the problems. “He’s forcing me out of the truck, but I grab him, first his head, then his shoulders, and hold on as hard as I can. I don’t want to go without him.”(p.5, ll.130-132). The guilt comes in the form of a five-dollar bill that Dawn received from babysitting. She uses this to bribe Janie into joining her and her father on the trip to the lake. Dawn keeps going back to the five-dollar bill even during the accident. The five-dollar bill is a symbol of the guilt she feels, as her sister died, because she got her to come with them.“I kept waiting for her to say something, to a reporter or me or Marla, anyone, about getting Janie’s clothes back and finding the five-dollar bill in her jeans pocket, soaking wet. But she never did.”(p.6,

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