Ice Bucket Research Paper

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Ice bucket challange
Dumping a bucket with cold water over yourself and video taping it for sharing the footage among friends on social media all in good cause seems like a fun and entertaining idea. This is what people in the year of 2014 also thought and the internet phenomenon known as Ice bucket challenges was born. Ice bucket challenges created a hype on social media sites and raised plenty of money for the ALS founds. In this section we will be focusing on the ice bucket challenges and its history.
The ice bucket challenges involve a bucket of water mixed with ice and the one nominated person often with one or more friends recording the challenges. After a successfully executed challenges the nominated person will nominate three new
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For instance, 24 water challenges which included to poor Icey cold water on your head within 24 hour or pay 100 $ for cancer researchers has clearly its roots from same area. (Mahoney 2015) Yet, most known start for ice bucket challenges is Peter Frates and Pat Quinn’s version. Quinn and Frates are two men both diagnosed with ALS, and they wanted to raise awareness of the disease. (adams 2015) Frates did it in his hometown accompanied by known sport athletes. That video got a lot of attention in social media, even though, Frates did notify that dumping ice water and ALS is a bad mix. (Goldberg 2015)
As far as the challenges is concerned, the real knowledge about the ALS syndrome seems to be weakly notified. So, ALS stands for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which is a nerve neurological diseases, that after diagnosed with it patients usually within two or five years dies from it. It is caused due to the nerves steering the muscles in the body that slowly dies off. This follows with, loosing the ability to speak and swallows which leads to complete paralysis. Yet, not any known cure is invented to help patients with ALS, which is the reason why the ice bucket challenges was needed. (Mahoney

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