Ice Candy Man Analysis

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The Movie— The movie EARTH, released in 1998, by Deepa Mehta is based on the novel ICE CANDY MAN by Bapsi Sidhwa.The novel is set in Lahore during the time of partition of India in 1947.It is told from the point of view of Lenny, a young girl with polio from a wealthy Parsi family. Their family, at that point of time was known to be unbiased in their approach towards Hindus and Muslims i.e. they were on neither religion’s side and hence in the struggle of partition, they were safe and no community threatened them or attacked them. Baby Lenny is shown to be taken care of by her Hindu maid called Shanta who is beautiful and in her free time she usually goes and sits with her friends most of them are men from different religions. The movie begins with the news that the British are finally prepared to quit India after the decision of partition is taken. The movie…show more content…
There are important instances in the novel where baby Lenny gets to see the dark side of a man where men see the women as an object of sexual desire. There is an instance where Lenny sees Shanta and Hassan making love and another instance where she sees Hassan trying to kiss Shanta ,this makes her realize that women have nothing much to do except to cater to the sexual desires of men and men make sure that women do their
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