Ice Cream Executive Summary

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1.1 Executive Summary
Star Lab Sdn. Bhd is an ice cream retail shop. Our Star Lab is a private limited company. In our companies, there has six persons who has ordinary shares.
Tan Soo Wei is Chief Executive Office who has holds 30 percent of ordinary shares of Star Lab company. Chua Kar Xin Marketing & Sales Manager, Teo Pue Shi is operational manager, Kheu Siek Yin is financial manager, Henry Ng Kai Wen is accounting manager and Ei Chee Chong is store manager. Each manager is holding the same percent of ordinary shares of Star Lab company which is 14 percent. (refer to Appendix 1)
Our shop is located in Prima Setapak, Kuala Lumpur because there has a higher demand for frozen treats. It is very convenient for customers to have a place where
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• We provide natural and healthy ice cream to all age groups.

2.2.3 Goals & Objectives:
• Gain a profitable and long-term relationships with buyers and suppliers.
• Increase customer satisfaction.
• Increase annual sales in the fourth year by twenty five percent or more over than third year.

2.2.4 Unique Selling Point
• We offer affordable price which every range of customers can afford to buy our ice cream.
• We provide premium delivery service of our products to the leisure and retail sectors.
• Provide low calorie, sugar-free and fat free ice cream.

2.3 Role played of each member (refer to Appendix 1)
2.3.1 Responsibility of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Tan Soo Wei as the CEO of Star Lab should identify and communicate the strategic direction or vision of the organization to employees such as maintaining profitability by maximizing markets, having new products, efficient
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(Jayne, T. 2018)
Besides, he also must understand how the business has performed and predict where current business operations and practices the business will take by using trend analysis to improve the business. He prepare the annual budget to fulfill marketing and sales financial objectives.

2.3.3 Responsibility of Financial manager
Kheu Siek Yin as the financial manager would prepare the financial statements, business activity reports and forecasts for Star Lab.
Moreover, she control the financial details to make sure it compliance with legal requirements to ensure our business is not in the illegal requirement situation. (Jonathan, L. 2017)

2.3.4 Frontline manager
Ei Chee Chong as the frontline manager that responsible in the essential business processes of an organization such as sales and customer service and operations.
Besides that, he usually spend his time to manage and direction of a team in day-to-day (Spacey,

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