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Which commercial brand of ice cream has the most air molecules? Does the amount of air molecules affect the the taste of the ice cream? There are many ingredients in ice cream like milk, cream, and sugar. What ingredient most people forget about is air. Air takes up 30 to 50% of the total volume of ice cream. The air added in ice cream is known as overrun. If the volume is doubled then it would be 100% overrun. The air also affects the density of the ice cream. There are usually more air in cheaper ice cream brands and less air in more expensive brands. If I let my classmates do a taste test on the three brands of ice cream, then the most popular of the three ice cream brands will be the expensive one. The most expensive ice cream will be the most popular…show more content…
I had my classmates test taste the different brands of ice cream (WinCo, Dreyer’s, Reed’s Dairy), had them take a survey about their prefered ice cream out of the three, and why it was their prefered ice cream. From my data, 4 people preferred the WinCo brand, 3 people preferred the Dreyer’s brand, and 13 people preferred the Reed’s Dairy ice cream. The most preferred ice cream was Reed’s Dairy. The reason most people liked the Reed’s Dairy ice cream was because they said it was the creamiest out of the three. The reason most people liked the Dreyer’s ice cream was, they said, has the most vanilla or sweetness. People who liked the WinCo brand said that it had the right vanilla flavor and was the perfect amount of thickness and after taste. After I let my classmates tate test the ice cream, I put 1 tablespoon of each brand in a container. Then I sat the containers on the counters to melt with no variables to alter the temperature. I measured the ice cream when they were still cold and then I measured them when they melted. Once all the ice cream melted, I compared them to when they were

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