Ice Cream Headache Summary

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“You can get an ice cream headache from drinking or eating something cold too fast” – Jimmy
“Ice Cream Headache” – When I first heard about the title of the book I was a bit confused and also curious about the choice of the author, why? Why a unique title like this? – was my first question. Because it is the title which makes you read and pay some attention to this story first of all. It’s the title which makes the story unique in its own way. Eating something too much or “overdose” of everything can give a bad result at the end. As I mentioned at the beginning Jimmy was the one who realized that thing about very delicious ice cream in his short life and talked about it to his best friend, advised him. I enjoyed it and was really inspired by
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It’s a story that tells about everything from “guks” (nations) during the Korean war, the difficulties in that time, bad decisions in our life, crime, mistakes, love and hate, mother care, being “retarded” in the eyes of the others and its feeling, diary to different tastes from vanilla to chocolate, timing, etc. After reading the book I was so sad after one point, but happy at the same time that somewhere we have people who can help us like many other people trying to protect Jimmy who was disabled, couldn’t move and speak as a normal person. He was one of the main characters and he lived a life in which he didn’t believe there would be the notion of “bad person or badness”, all he knew was the World is full of kindness as her mother treated and cared for him in a way like this; he was the symbol of innocence for me in this story. But, not everyone lives a life full of the good things, he was pure but he died very quickly while he was really young which I felt like real good people leave this life quickly compared to others. In a Christmas night he lost his euphoria when he was a baby, the second time was his real death while he was yelling at his best friend riding his favorite bicycle. Suddenly, a truck took all his life and he breathed for the last time
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