Ice Drug Addiction Essay

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Ice, which is also known as meth or crystal meth, is a synthetic drug that is manufactured through unknown laboratories or hidden chemical workshops. Ice drug is a stimulant drug that is made of harmful synthetic chemicals that damage our body badly. Moreover, Ice drug contains 80 percent pure Methamphetamine substance, Methamphetamine is a synthetic chemical that is mixed with various toxic substances or other stimulant drugs, which is known to be amongst the most dangerous and most exceedingly worst in its class of all other drugs; additionally, it has a high risk of addiction.
The ice drug is a high addictive nature, which makes the user addictive mentally and psychologically. Once the users have tried the drug, they experience a pleasure feeling at first, but at the same time, the usage of the drug ice kills the brain receptors. After frequent usage, the users can not feel the pleasure feeling unless they take more ice, and by taking more ice, users’
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Drug ice users experience the loss of appetite, Nausea, psychosis, seizures, and may cause death from the extreme usage of high doses.
Heavy Users who have repeated the usage of the ice drug over time, suffers from the plenty of bad damages that occurred in their body; In other words, addiction to the usage of the ice drug, creates more toxicity in the human’s body.
Addiction to the ice drug and its consequences does unlimited damage to the blood vessels of heart and brain, such as strokes, Liver, Kidney, and lung damage; depression, weight loss, severe tooth decay, epilepsy, and the distortion of the face. All the consequences that are listed above leads to more significant consequences, such like blurring away the body’s skin, diminishes the function of the lungs and brain, as it results in insanity, hallucinations, hysteria, and being
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