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Ice hockey and skating are inseparable, and the popularity of the game has grown significantly over the years. The game originally started in Canada and the US, but it has spread to many other parts of the world as well. Playing the game involves speed skating and a punk that moves very fast on the court. Ice hockey skates come in handy to make the game possible and enjoyable. Here are some facts that might be worth knowing about these skates.

Origin of the Skates

The first ice hockey skates were manufactured in 1866 by a company known as Starr Mfg. Co. Ltd in Nova Scotia. The skates were much wider than the existing roller and quad skates at the time. They were usually made of wooden blocks with blades mounted to them and straps for attaching
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The variations in the design and style of the skates depend on the material used to make them. For instance, you will notice that some boots are made of leather while others are made of plastic. There is a plastic holder in which the blade is normally set and riveted to the boot base.

This base has two edges that are very thin and in between them there is a groove, or sometimes known as the €hollow€. The groove is actually what enables skating in curves by the hockey players. And, the deeper the groove is, the firmer the grip that the blade will have in the ice.

Types of Ice Hockey Skates

There are basically two major types of ice hockey skates, and that is the standard ones and the goalie 's skates. The difference in the two lies mainly in the design as the latter is specifically designed to offer a stronger grip, enhanced movement (sideways movement) and protection to the goalkeeper.

How the Skates Work

Moving:- Unlike the normal roller or quad skates, the ice hockey skates are specifically made for quicker movement, turning and braking on the ice. The increased agility and speed is due to the features of the skates that make them move on a very thin water layer on the ice
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