Ice Hockey Narrative

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After about a year and a half of roller hockey, one of my best friends got me and a ice hockey stick for my birthday. My buddy, Grayson was moving from roller to ice hockey that year and was trying to get my attention with the new stick. A few weeks later we were on the same hockey team. A month later I got a taste of playing in a professional arena when I was only 6! My midget house hockey league got invited to play midgets on ice during intermission of a Washington Capitals game. It was a packed house against the Philadelphia Flyers, and it was the best day of my life. I scored the one and only goal in front of tens of thousands of people. This made me feel more confident as ever. I remember my dream after that was to play professional hockey.…show more content…
It was the first typical love story that went wrong that I experience in my life. Flying down the side chasing a dumped puck in the corner, soaring past the defender I scoop the puck and try to glide around the net. My small frame and of course stupidity of keeping my head down, gets me lifted and thrown towards the boards. That very moment was the loss of love. My head smashes on the surface of the ice, my third concussion, a severe concussion. Even through my confusion upon the past events, something felt wrong and felt like I lost something forever. That week I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for my cat scan evaluations. The look the doctor gave me when walking in told me right away, he didn't how to say it. He told me after my history of concussions and conditions from my recent one, that I had to start thinking of my future. It was either I keep playing hockey and put my life in more harm and in a lot of danger or stop playing and be able to live a more enjoyable life. Hockey was what I loved but knowing that I wanted to be able to live long and healthy, I knew the end was coming. Three broken teeth, three concussions and two broken arms, my hockey career was over. These experiences have influenced a lot on my life like, enjoy what you have right away, live each day to the fullest, anything can happen in a blink of an eye,
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