Ice Hockey: The Most Dangerous Role In Ice Hockey

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Goalkeeper or also called goaltender is the most dangerous position in Ice Hockey. The job of a goalkeeper is to repeatedly get in the way of a puck that can travel towards them at a speed up to approximately 170 kilometres per hour ( Ice hockey is a fast-paced, contact sport played on ice in which two teams of skaters use their sticks to shoot the puck into their opponent 's net to score points (student dictionary pg. 478). Ice Hockey is a rough sport especially for the goalkeeper, who has to be guarded since the goalkeeper is a very valuable player on the ice. The goalkeeper greatly influences the outcome of an ice hockey match. Ice Hockey is a popular sport in Canada, United States and Europe. The professional Ice Hockey started in the early 20th Century. ( As well as men’s Ice Hockey there are also many women and children Leagues. In the United States alone more than 2 million boys and girls under the age of 18 play ice hockey ( To ensure their safety different methods have been introduced. Methods to keep the players, especially goalkeepers, safe during a game of ice hockey have improved over the years. Ice Hockey is a contact sport where many injures often occur. A research has been conducted that showed. The overall injury rate in ice hockey is 30.02 injuries per 100 players per season (

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