Ice Man Fungus Research Paper

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Miraculous Uses of Ice Man Fungus (Fomes fomentarius)

Fomes fomentarius is commonly known as Ice Man Fungus, hoof fungus, tinder fungus, tinder polypore and tinder conk. It is a mushroom made up of polypore fruit bodies, which together form a shape that resemble a horse hoof. This mushroom can be of various colors, which range from silvery-gray to black. However, it is most commonly found as brown. Unless it is picked, this mushroom doesn’t fall off the tree that it grows on. It will remain there until the tree is dead and then it begins rotting the tree bark. Image Source:
History of Ice Man Fungus
This mushroom dates back to about 5000 years. Evidence shows that this fungus has been used back in the time of Iceman, Otzi. It is said that he carried four pieces of this fungus, which he used as a tinder.
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Its taste is acrid.
Medicinal uses of Ice Man Fungus
Ice Man Fungus is part of the polypore mushrooms, which are commonly used for their medicinal properties. According to old writings and records, this mushroom has been used for centuries, by several cultures, for purposes such as treating different wounds. This fungus is used for its abilities of stopping bleeding, so that surgeons used this fungus for surgeries. Given its ability to treat wounds and stop bleeding, this mushroom is used as a medication for curing hemorrhoids.
Other uses of this fungus include correcting certain bladder disorders, as well as dysmenorrhea.
In ancient Indian medicine, this mushroom has been used as a diuretic. They also used it as a laxative that helped stimulating bowel

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