Ice Diving Activities

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Experience 1: For children to experience the solid form of water, and to understand freezing and melting process. This experience helps children to see the relationship between ice and water. It support children to understand temperature can make water change its form, and for children to recognize the term solid, freezing and melting.
Activity Title: Ice making and ice dig activity
Resource and Equipment:
Equipment to make the ice block: • Stones
• Plastic crystals
• Shells
• Jag
• Toy dinosaurs • Large container (e.g. ice cream container)
Resource and equipment set up the ice play area: • Salt (with few drop of blue food colour)
• a shaker container for the salt x3
• plastic pate spreaders x5
• syringes without the needle x5
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Description of activity:
1. Recall the previous experience with children to review the concept that the temperature helped water change forms. Then talk through the process of cloud- making experiment with children.
2. Boil the kettle. While boil the kettle, shows children the jar and the lid (or the glass cup and the small potpie pan), and let them examine it to be ensure that it is dry and free of holes.
3. Pour about quarter to one-third of hot water into the jar/glass, and let children to feel the warm temperature in the jar in a safe distance. If the side of the jar/glass is cold, use the spoon to swirl the hot water to heats it up.
4. Next, help children to fill the lid/small potpie pan with ice or ice pack, and allows the children to feel the temperature below it. (if use the lid, turned the lid upside down to use it as a container)
5. Then put it on top of the jar/glass to cover it, and rest it for around one to five
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While waiting, ask children what is happening in the jar/glass, and help children to discover the change by compare the difference of jar/glass before and after pouring the hot water.
7. Next, lift the lid to observe what is happening underneath the lid/ potpie pan, and let children look through the magnifying glass at the collected droplet, then ask children “what does it look like?” “How could those drops get on a dry potpie pan?”
8. Explain the concept of evaporation, and discuss common occurrence of condensation in homes. For example, the bathroom mirrors after steamy shower, or the glass lid use to cover the hot dish,
To conduct a cloud making activity, follow steps 1 o 6 on above, and replace steps 7 and 8 on the above to the steps down below.
7. Take off the lid and quickly light up the match and drop it into the jar, or quickly spray in some hairspray, then put the lid back on top of the jar immediately with ice resting in it.
8. Watch the cloud form inside the jar. When it is fully formed, take the lid off and letting out the cloud for children to touch it, then ask children how does it feels like.
9. Illustrate the concept of evaporation and condensation, and explain the clouds forming process, and the three substance that are needed to form the cloud; water, cool air, and condensation

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