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The “Ice Queen,” as coined by an analyst at her great debut into Olympic figure skating, where her triumphant four-year reign until her retirement began. Following the Olympics, the “Ice Queen” continued to fuel her passion for ice skating and her thirst for perfection. She has never ended a tournament off the podium, making people call her a figure skating genius.
This genius and so-called “Ice Queen” is South Korean Yuna Kim, who was nineteen during her debut into the Olympics. Even before her senior and international debut, Kim’s talent and dedication were still there, being three consecutive national champion in Korea, and also a medalist for novice and junior divisions in the international stage featuring her double axel at the early age of 12, an act usually unheard of in junior and novice divisions. With her artistry and skill, she remained on the international playing ground her entire professional career.
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This move requires extreme precision and strength and is not seen very often executed in the women 's division. However, Kim consistently landed all of her jumps during the tournaments. Kim challenged the norms of women’s figure skating, trying harder and more complex jumps, steps, and spins throughout her career. Her form and skating stand on the precise balance between athleticism and art presenting to the crowd a delicate beauty that is unique to Kim’s skating. One of the moves originally called the “camel spin” has been called the “Yuna spin,” or the “Yuna camel.” Kim is a master of this move and also used it multiple times during her choreography. Together with her musical interpretations, athleticism, and mastery, it creates an art that other skaters cannot achieve. Kim is also well known for her consistency in her execution of moves and her musical interpretations, as well as her ability to cope with

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